Erayna Sargent

Life Coach | Speaker |
Mental Health Entrepreneur

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I believe that everyone has the power to create the future they desire but it takes hard work and a good sense of self.

I ask the tough questions to help people better understand their past and present experiences to help them create a path to the future that they really want.


Erayna is an entrepreneur, speaker, life coach & experienced marketing strategist that lives by the mantra 'Work Hard. Self-Care Harder.' She has a passion for bringing words to feelings and helping clients understand how to sort through the complexities of life & careers.

Leveraging her experience building consumer brands across Fortune 500 companies, Erayna uniquely blends Design Thinking & Mental Health. Erayna's Barriers to Breakthrough workshop has helped employees at companies like Procter & Gamble and Accenture, create clear & actionable wellness plans.

Erayna has an MBA from Indiana University and a BBA from Grand Valley State University. She is the founder of Hooky Wellness, a new mental health brand focused on combating the stress and burnout epidemic.


"I can't speak highly enough about Erayna! Her business savvy coupled with her innovation experience are just a couple of her attributes that she uses to solve personal challenges. Her knack for having a thoughtful approach to every challenge and a framework for resolution is unmatched."

" I would literally recommend ANYONE serious about building their brand and finding their community! You changed my perspective and made me think bigger! "

"The most valuable part of working with you was your fresh outlook on my desires for my brand. You helped to steer me in the right direction...the entire process was nothing short of amazing. I truly respect and appreciate the fact that you provide quality info for REAL results customized to my needs!"

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